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Welcome to MickeyTravels!

MickeyTravels is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner! We re established as a pioneer in preparation Disney holidays that are magical and we are proud to offer industry leading customer service to ALL our clients.     We’ve been recognized as BEST TRAVEL AGENCY by newspapers and magazines!     Additionally, We’ve been given multiple awards by Disney based on our service!     If you re searching for the Finest Disney Travel Agents. congratulations!   You ve found them in MickeyTravels!

It doesn t matter if your holiday is for one person or even a family reunion of 50 people we handle each Disney holiday the same!     As an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, we’re always available accessible via email or phone to answer any questions that you might have whether it s information on which Disney resort to keep in, exactly what Disney restaurant to dine in, or that which Disney discounts are offered for you to make the most of…we re intent on Earning Magic One Vacation at a Time. .

You’ll work hand in hand during your entire preparation process with a single Disney Travel Agent! All of our Disney Travel Agents specialize in Disney holidays, offer years of expertise regarding Disney travel, and so are graduates of the Disney College of Knowledge!     We program Disney holidays and are widely regarded as Disney experts!

Do you have your Disney vacation? No worries…As Authorized Disney Vacation Planners,  it s possible that people  can still help and we might be able to secure you a discount too! Go to our Have a Holiday Booked? Page for details!

MickeyTravels wants and personalizes our clients Disney vacations based on their unique needs. Are you going to be observing an event like  anniversary, a birthday, or even your kid s Disney holiday? We ll let Disney know and that they ll make it charming  for you.

Wish to learn where the best locations are for Disney parades Disney fireworks? No problem!   We ll tell you!     Want a personalized itinerary showcasing Disney extra hours? We can help with this also! We’re intent on keeping open our eyes ears for discounts, promotions and special offers that could save you money even after you ve reserved your Disney holiday!

Contact us now to learn your Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, MickeyTravels, could make your Disney vacation  MAGICAL you personally and your loved ones will remember forever!