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Regional souqs, endless golden sands and beautiful wonders create Egypt the travel destination. From the Sphinx into the imposing glory of the Pyramids’ air, step into the Land of the Pharaohs and find the exotic charms of humorous Egypt.

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Culture and habits

Egypt s culture is a distinctive blend of antiquity and modernity. Egyptians are extremely pleased with their ancient tradition, and with such monuments artwork and structure, it therefore no wonder why.

Faith plays a large role in daily life just as in ancient times. Together with Ramadan and Eid being the most crucial events on the calendar for most Muslims A lot of life revolves around holidays and daily prayer. Ornate mosques and churches are available nearly everywhere in Egypt, and also serve as areas of worship as well as meeting points.

Contemporary Western culture’s influence is evident in large cities enjoys Alexandria and Cairo, with radio, tv and internet all attracting pop culture, fashion and literature into Egypt. With family being at the very top of most Egyptians priorities, Egypt clings firmly. Loyalty to ones family, respect for elders and honouring ancestors ‘ are hallmarks of Egyptian lifestyle.

Food is another significant part Egyptian culture using traditional Middle Eastern fare being prepared and served in restaurants family homes and markets. Food is the focus of most parties, as is songs — using Egyptians preserving folk music traditions living by enjoying with Arabic instruments.

To get the real image of customs and culture, make sure you sample local delicacies, listen to music often played in cafes and restaurants, and even chat with locals who want to discuss resides and their stories with you. Some Intrepid trips give the rare chance to live what better way to experience life?

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Eating and drinking

Intrepid considers that one of the most effective ways to get a nation is by eating! If you re savouring a affordable beverage sampling street meals or urinating in a banquet, there are choices to select from where you’re on the planet.

Things to attempt in Egypt

1. Seafood

Just take the opportunity to tuck into fishwhen in coastal cities and regions like the Red Sea and Alexandria.

Why not attempt melon, mango or guava from a street or marketplace vendor — exotic fruits are plentiful and cheap around Egypt.

3. Ful Medames

Don t leave Egypt without trying ful medames, that is traced back to times’ dish. Composed of fava beans, served with olive juice — add a spoonful by seasoning with paste and consume bread.

4. Falafel

A favorite with vegetarians, falafel (fried chickpea balls) are available at markets and away from street vendors, and are generally served as a bite.

5. Tea (also Called shai)

An significant part daily life in Egypt, tea can be sipped through the day and with meals.

Like the natives do, so sit back into a cafe and drink your coffee black short and sweet arabic or Turkish coffee is located in Egypt.

Sweet pastries, Delicious are observed in Egypt in cafes, markets and restaurants. Never was there a time to live by the adage &ldquo eat dessertrdquo;.