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Mexico is a land of treasures, cities that are energetic civilization and locals. Together with beaches, mountains, jungles, reefs and caves and caf├ęs, museums, markets and bars some time spent in Mexico will not be enough.

At a glimpse

Best time to See Mexico

Eating and drinking

Intrepid considers that among the very best ways to encounter a nation is by ingesting! If you are savoring a eat, sampling street food or urinating in a feast, there are choices to choose from you are on the planet.

Things to try in Mexico

1. Tamales

The roots of this date back centuries to the Mesoamerican period. This simple dish of corn soup wrapped in a plantain leaf and boiled or steamed is often dressed up with the addition of beef and mole (sauce). Don’t forget before eating to eliminate the foliage.

2. Ceviche

Ceviche has been functioned in Mexico for decades, although not originally native to Mexico. Where the fish is freshest, best attempted in regions, this dish octopus contains shrimp or squid together with avocado, onion, chilli and lime.

This hearty breakfast favorite hails from the Yucatan area and is composed of eggs, legumes, cheese, tortillas and salsa.

4. Tostada de Pata

This melange of pork, beans, cheese, cheese and onions served with a tortilla is a tasty, fast and inexpensive snack and is easily found around Mexico.