5 Facts That’ll Ruin Popular Tourist Spots For You Forever

“Fuck you, that’s why.”

As always, capitalism has stepped in to save the day: Restaurants in the square, like Applebee’s, offer bathroom access to revelers … as long as they buy a meal … at $375 a plate. Literally flushing the equivalent of three whole Times Square souvenirs down a toilet isn’t an attractive option to many people, so some have reportedly resorted to wearing adult diapers or bringing plastic bottles to pee in. Although you haven’t really experienced NYC until you urinate in public, anyway.

Anthony QuintanoI *swollen bladder drawing* NY

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The Blarney Stone Is Disgusting

For centuries, celebrities and peasants alike have visited Ireland’s Blarney Stone to smooch that rock. Although the legendary piece of Irish history may not be magical, it does have the benefit of being really, really gross.

Brian Rosner“Come for the mucus-streaked rock, stay to be felt up by a middle-aged Irish guy.”