Found The Perfect Rainbow Wedding Shoes To Complete My Wedding Attire

I was out shopping with my bridesmaids for a dress and dresses for them to wear as well. I wanted to make sure I found something that was just perfect for me to wear and I wanted them to find in wedding websites so that they were all comfortable. I didn’t want them to feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about the dress they were wearing.

They tried on dresses while I tried on wedding dresses. It wasn’t hard for me to find the perfect dress and I let the associate take my measurements so I could have it altered. It fit almost perfectly and there were only minor alterations that needed to be done. My bridesmaids all were able to find dresses that they wanted to get too. They were all slightly different, but I didn’t mind that at all. I knew they would be comfortable and had seen many wedding pictures with bridesmaids in different types of dresses.

Next we had to find shoes. We had all decided that rainbow collection had a large selection of shoes and they were really popular too. I looked at the website to see what they had there and decided I would order mine from there. I read several reviews about the Love Lane Boutique shoes and how they are true to size. I told my bridesmaids to check out the selection of Rainbow wedding shoes to see if they found any they wanted. They were all able to agree upon the shoes they wanted and we were able to place one order for the shoes we wanted to get. I can’t wait to wear the dress and the shoes and they are also excited for the wedding. There are only a few months left before we get to wear our selections.