Brad Panovich’s forecast for holiday Traveling

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Whether you are driving or flying to the holidays, the weather will be a boon or a curse.  

This is very true from the Carolinas, where it may be 70 degrees or below freezing the next second.  

“We’ve been exceptionally lucky the past few years. It was 68 degrees last Christmas and 74 rates the Christmas before,” explained Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich. “We have not had to deal with winter weather in a long time. That could change this season, especially in the eastern half of the country.”

With Christmas looming, the major story from Mother Nature is a cold front. That begs one clear question: Are you likely to see snow?  
For those leaving home, snow will deliver the impact on holiday traveling. And not merely for people as snowstorms bring cars to a stop across the country and can block interstates.  

With you, if you are heading north for Christmas, 1 word of caution: bring with that cooldown in your mind. It’s likely to be cold in the northeast and Midwest.  

As for those of you wondering about a white Christmas, you might choose to look to the northeast, where Christmas Day snow’s chances will be. But it may be a substantial snowstorm for New York, travel hubs Boston, and Philadelphia. When flights become canceled or delayed, everybody down feels the trickle.  

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