The Bakırköy Neighborhood

After the Balat fire, during the Balkan War, for about 80 families who migrated to Yenikoy, a synagogue was constructed. This temple, located next to the Yedikule police station was on the upper floor of a house. Closed at the beginning of 1964, the building was sold at May 1964.

A building was constructed as a temple by the Chief Rabbinate in Bakirkoy to serve the Jewish families living in the area since the beginning of the 19th century. Mose Pinhas migrated from Edirne to Istanbul and settled in the Zeytinlik district of Bakirkoy. In 1910 he donated a land to the Chief Rabbinate. With the necessary authorizations taken, he and Mose Bahar Hak started the construction of a temple on 10 September 1914. The two stories building constructed was used as a preschool and a synagogue.

During the 2nd World War, the building was given to the Ministry of Defense. During that period the Bakirkoy congregation was using the Yedikule synagogue. After the 2nd World War, the building was restored and used as a synagogue. Today the building’s entrance floor is used as a Midrash and the top floor as a synagogue. The temple has no Azara (a balcony for women) and during the prayers women sit at the back of the temple.