Hosting for Your Holidays

Hosting for the holidays?

We sure are and felt really relieved when Expert Home Chef invited us to President’s Choice Cooking School at Toronto to share some yummy picks from this season’s  ! The recipes  accommodate plenty of unique tastes and traditions — and the products are certain to create hosting a breeze so we too, may also enjoy the festivities!

Recipes Performed  

Smoked Cheddar and Ghost Pepper Bacon Dip

Every holiday celebration needs a minumum of one stretchy, cheesy dip — you know, the one all your guests crowd around. Phantom bacon that is fiery and Smoked Cheddar take this dip a step above the rest.

Chef’s Suggestion

Serve with toasted sliced baguette, sliced apples and your favourite PC crackers.

Sparkling Pomegranate Citrus Brunch Punch

We’ve maintained this bubbly punch, but you can readily add sparkling wine for a boozy version (trace our Chef’s Tip below). To garnish your punch just like a pro, slide the orange pieces down along the inside of the pitcher — the ice should continue to keep the slices.

Chef’s Tip: 

Replace one of the bottles of Italian pop for a 750-mL bottle of sparkling wine.

Chocolate Orange Brioche Bread Pudding

Toasting the brioche will help to dry it out, at setting up the custard for a cake-like feel, making the buttery bread. You may omit the orange-flavoured liqueur in case you don’t have it on-hand.

Chef’s Tip: 

Drink with vanilla bean ice cream or freshly whipped cream and a sprinkling of dark chocolate shavings.