Tips For Marketing Through College Students

If you are in any kind of business that sells products that college students or even high school kids might like, then it’s a great idea to have student brand ambassadors on as many campuses as you possibly can across the markets that you retail to. There’s a couple of reasons for this.

For starters, trends in fashion and other things have much more sway over younger shoppers who are more likely to be in tune with what’s trendy and current. While peer pressure is not really something that happens in terms of clothing and consumer goods, when younger consumers see those around them wearing, having, or enjoying something, they are likely to want it for themselves. Working adults also want the things they see around them, but they’re more likely to not do it as they have learned the work that goes into money, so they are more careful with it.

Useful suggestion from that this is the generation and time in consumer lives to form brand loyalty. Credit cards have known this for years, as have tobacco companies. The younger they hook people on their products, the more likely they are to create a customer for life. That’s not to say tobacco companies targeting teenagers and kids is okay, or even that predatory credit card lending to college students is ethical, but the simple truth is, getting young consumers attached to a particular product means they’re likely to keep buying it a decade or two later when it is comforting and nostalgic to them.

Third, young consumers are most likely to have discretionary income they can spend freely. If they’re living in dorms or at home, then they don’t have a lot of bills, so what money they do have is available to spend on things they want rather than need.