Ninh Binh – A Great Tourist Destination – Travel And Vacation

Where is NinhBinh?

Binh is a province in the north of Vietnam, in the Red River delta region. It
is also called as Halong Bay on Land. It is about 100 kilometers away from
Hanoi (Capital of Vietnam). If you are planning to visit Vietnam, then you
should add Ninh Binh to your travel bucket list.

Why should youvisit Ninh Binh?

It hasa magnificent view. The landscape is as attractive as it can be. It is justlike a movie set. Even the new King Kong movie was filmed here. It hasenchanting rivers, encircling cliffs, and lush green rice fields. You can havethe best experience of rural living in Vietnam by visiting there.

This place isvery human-friendly. Less traffic, less pollution, fewer foreigners, fewbuildings, and a whole lot of natural beauty. Even the air is so fresh that youwould want to stay there longer.

How can youreach there?

You can
reach there by train, buses, private cars or even motorbikes — at least five
trains a day en route to Ninh Binh. It is a 3-hour long journey. Buses take 2
hours from Hanoi, depending on the type of bus and the route it takes. If you
visit there by your means, it takes not over 90 minutes to arrive Ninh Binh

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