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Pitch aeration is something that you need to look at when maintaining a sports pitch of any kind. Aeration is important to the overall health of the pitch and will ensure that the grass grows correctly. If you are new to pitch maintenance, it is important to read this page so that you will understand the basics of pitch aeration.

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The Benefits Of Pitch Aeration

There are a number of benefits of pitch aeration which will help you understand the importance of this. The primary benefit is that this will reduce soil compaction which can cause a lot of issues on a sports pitch. The exchange of air between the atmosphere and the soil will also be improved which helps the roots of the grass.

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Soil water uptake will also be enhanced which will lower the chances of water sitting on the pitch. Fertilizers will take better when the soil has been aerated and grass thatch will break down easily. All of these benefits will ensure that you have a pitch which is healthy and will work for your sports.

Multiple Methods Of Aeration

When it comes to aerating the pitch, 360 Ground Care recommends a number of methods which can be used. The method that you use will need to match the conditions of the pitch and the schedule that you have. Some of the methods that you use can cover the entire pitch while others will only work on a smaller problem area.

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The traditional methods used to aerate a pitch are spiking, slicing and coring. Core aeration is the most aggressive and should be used sparingly to ensure that the pitch can still be used. The surface disruption caused by coring will often lead to the pitch needing time to rest before anyone can use it.

The Timing Of The Aeration

It is important to note that spot aeration may be needed at any time to ensure that your pitch is safe and in the best condition for play. However, there are other times when you should schedule aeration of the pitch. The schedule that you have will depend on the type of turf grass that you have on the pitch.

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If you have a cool season grass, you should look at aeration during the spring and autumn. Warm season grass should be aerated in the middle of spring and during the summer for the best results. You should also consider scheduling core and certain spike aeration at the same time as other maintenance work.