We are the only company offering Kosher meals approved by the Chief Rabbinate at the Or A Hayim Jewish hospital or at the Jewish Elderly Home. Permitting you to bound with our way of life.

From the times of the Ottoman Empire until today this city welcomed the Jews seeking a safe refuge, from all around the world. In 1492, from Spain after the Spanish Inquisition; in 1493 from Italy; in 1497 from Portugal; in the course of the 15th century from Macedonia; in 1921 from Russia.

There has been Jewish presence in Istanbul since the 1st century B.C. According to the Old Testament the prophet Abraham was born in Ur in Chaldea, called today Sanliurfa. The Jewish community in Turkey today, with a population of 22.000, is the second largest one in a Muslim country. The majority of the community lives in Istanbul. 96% of the community is formed by Sepharads. There is also an Ashkenazi congregation, a Karaim congregation and an Italian congregation.