We are the only company visiting all the Jewish neighborhoods, showing you all the Jewish highlights from the very well known like the Neve Salom Synagogue, the Quincentenial Jewish Museum in Galata, the Etz A Hayim Synagogue in Ortakoy and the Ahrida Synagogue in Balat, to the less known highlights like the Kamondo Stairs in Galata and theAshgar Synagogue in Hasköy. But we also show you the unknown monuments like the gravestones in Kagthane, the Synagogue in Darulacezeor the Jewish Elderly Home in Hasköy.

Very few people understand the way of life in Turkey. There are no ethnical differences in this country. For centuries, different ethnical groups lived together, side by side in the same neighborhoods. It is very common to see synagogues, mosques and churches located next to each other. In Kuzguncuk, the Surp Krikor Armenian church was constructed next to the Uryanizade mosque. Both temples are only 50 meters away from the Beth Yaakov synagogue. In Ortakoy, The Grand Mecidiye Mosque, The Hagia Focas Church and the Etz A Hayim Synagogue were constructed in less than 40 square meters. In Galata, the Neve Salom Synagogue and the Arab Mosque are side by side.