Travel Agency Pranks Drunk Guy With Fake Holiday Bill

Who ever said doing a fantastic deed can’t be fun?

Following a night from drinking, William Armstrong accidentally lost his driver’s license somewhere on the roads of Cheltenham, England, based on . Lucky for Armstrong, someone was nice enough to flip at the I.D. rather than benefiting.  

On the other hand, the good samaritans also took the opportunity to play a prank that was hilarious.  

A staff member at Flight Centre, a travel service at the U.K., found that the license, and decided to go back via email, but using a fake travel itinerary to get a first-class visit to the Maldives. The phony bill racked up #5,000 (roughly $6,500 USD).

Obviously, not intending to give Armstrong a heart attack, the Flight Centre staff included a notice that stated the bill was only a joke —  and added that hopefully he’ll utilize their travel service next time he plans a trip. We’ll see about this.

The notice read: “George, We are just kidding. We have found you are  [sic] driving license (included) outside our shop and thought you might want it! Just be certain that you consider us for your next vacation. Take care!”

As Metro noted, Armstrong’s middle name is George. He additionally tweeted the fake itinerary and notice.

Hopefully, he’ll keep track of his things from the future — the next big puzzle bill he gets might be real.