Travel Guide: Portland Holiday Shopping Made Easy

This holiday season, we  went to visit family and friends. It was pleasant to get back and catch up with all the people we love. One thing I decided to do this season, would be to do all of my holiday shopping to my loved ones while I was there. Because of all of you subscribers, I got some recommendations on areas to go to.

To prevent the hustle bustle and also struggle over restricted parking, I decided to pop around city using Uber. It was great to have the ability to move around city using scheduled rides and not have to be fumbling for quarters for the meters, or circling the block looking for a coveted parking area. I could jump out of my Uber and enjoy my afternoon of purchasing.

I had this kind of fun shopping day and struck each one of the areas I’d expected to visit. Below are a few of the areas I managed to proceed to using Uber.

Spartan Shop

I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when I walked to Spartan Shop.   I discovered all types of home décor things for my family. I wanted to move into the area with all the ceiling to floor windows and soaring ceilings!

Sammy’s Flowers

Sammy’s Flowers is where we consistently bought blossoms if we lived in Portland. I love the well-curated selection of things in this flower shop. I dried blossoms back together with me and have been known to bring all types of pods.

Tea Bar

I specializing in tea. I am a committed tea drinker and Tea Bar proved to be a wonderful place to get a goodie and a tasty cup of java.

Alder & Co..

Alder & Co..   Was one of my favorite home décor shops in Portland. I don’t get out of this place with no bag of beauties! They’ve an extensive selection of other handmade items and Astier de Villette which are great for gift giving.

WM Goods

I Must confess, I ended up WM Goods because of me personally. It was fun to find their beautiful clothing all. I bought a navy blouse that was great I’ve been wearing way too much!

Schoolhouse Electric

I love popping by to find that the lighting and other things Schoolhouse Electric comes in individual. I purchase from their catalogue all of the time, but with the opportunity to check at matters in individual was great!

Think about using Uber to get your shopping done effectively and painlessly. I loved checking out stores in Portland and had a excellent afternoon!

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